Tango TX1 Update – Full of Exciting New Features

Tango TX1 Update – Full of Exciting New Features

Industrial Scientific | Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Single-gas users, rejoice! The Guaranteed for Life™ Tango TX1 now offers enhanced safety features that make owning and using the Tango easier than ever before. Take a tour of all the new features by watching our video series below.

What’s New in Tango TX1 Version 1.8? 

Acknowledgeable Gas Alerts
If you have workers in environments with frequent and expected gas exposures, you know they can easily become desensitized by nuisance alarms.  Acknowledgeable gas alerts in the Tango TX1 help to alleviate this problem by allowing your workers to acknowledge, and temporarily silence, alarms below the low alarm setpoint. That way, they will know that they’re being exposed to a minimal level of gas, but can continue working once they’ve taken proper precautions without distractions.

New Options for Maintenance Indicators
The Tango TX1 now includes new indicators to help promote compliance with policies, while simplifying actions for users and improving instrument runtime. The “dock due” indicator makes it easy to know that the instrument needs some type of maintenance or update, whether it’s a bump test, calibration, datalog download, or alarm reporting. Simply dock the instrument to automatically perform all necessary functions. The Tango TX1 also allows you to conserve battery by setting how frequently maintenance indicators flash and/or sound.

Additional Enhancements
When you start up the Tango TX1, you will no longer see a countdown screen. In version 1.8, the startup sequence includes important information such as the calibration gas concentration, low alarm setpoint, high alarm setpoint, STEL, TWA, and optional gas alerts. This gives your users the chance to review the settings of the instrument as it starts up to ensure that they grabbed the correct gas detector and that the instrument setpoints are correct for the application.

Do you think these new features will be beneficial to your gas detection program?
Upgrade your Tango TX1 firmware today by scheduling your upgrades in iNet Control by docking the instrument on a DSXi or iNet DS Docking Station or by contacting your local Industrial Scientific Service Center for assistance.