Gas Leak Detection and Monitoring with the Radius BZ1

Gas Leak Detection and Monitoring with the Radius BZ1

Dave Wagner | Thursday, December 22, 2016

Have you ever had a faucet leaking in your home and simply did not have time to fix it? You may have wrapped a rag around the base or handles to absorb the water, or maybe you tolerated the dripping and increased water bill because the leak wasn’t “that bad.” You just didn’t have the time to take the steps necessary to eliminate the leak.

Industrial facilities such as refineries, steel mills, gas processing plants, and many others have very similar leaks. There are leaks of various types that need to be repaired, but the leaks are not bad enough to warrant shutting down operations and losing productivity and profit in order to get them fixed immediately. But unlike your dripping faucet, a gas leak could be very dangerous. A gas leak left unchecked could grow to the point that it becomes catastrophic.

Often, to keep a gas leak in check, people will be tasked with standing with handheld, portable gas monitors in this “warm zone,” taking time away from other potential tasks and putting them at risk. Another approach is to turn to area monitors. Area monitors are rugged, long-running gas detectors that typically have features to help draw attention to hazardous conditions, like loud alarms and wireless capabilities.

The Radius BZ1™ Area Monitor is an ideal solution once a gas leak source has been identified and qualified. The Radius BZ1 can be placed in the area to monitor the source and make certain that the gas leak stays in check. A variety of sensor types allow the Radius BZ1 to monitor leaks of various combustible gases against the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL), or toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, or sulfur dioxide which may leak and become hazardous to workers in the area or a danger to the community.

Additional features of the Radius BZ1 that can be used when there is a need to stand watch over a gas leak include:

  • Continuous run time up to 30 days (720 hours) on a single charge for 24/7 monitoring over extended time periods for situations that require toxic gas monitoring only
  • Extended Run Time power supply can use line power when longer run times are needed
  • The interchangeable SafeCore™ Module allows the instrument to be refreshed with fully charged batteries for longer-term runs when line power is not available
  • Remote sample pump for monitoring leak sources in hard-to-access locations
  • IP66 protection for leak monitoring in all weather conditions
  • 108 dB audible and high visibility LEL visual alarms to alert others in the area that a leak has reached a dangerous level requiring immediate attention
  • Automatic LENS™ Wireless communication to other monitors posted in the area so that the leak can be watched from a safe location up to 1.5 km (5,000 ft) away

The next time you have a leak and there is just no time to have it fixed, call on the Radius BZ1 to keep watch and let you know if conditions start to go from bad to worse.