Docking Stations: What Does “Unavailable” Mean Anyway?

Docking Stations: What Does “Unavailable” Mean Anyway?

Michelle Hammons | Friday, March 30, 2018

“What does ‘Unavailable’ mean anyway?”  - It’s a question we’ve heard endless times and, frankly, we agree with the sentiment. DSX™ Docking Stations are the most powerful and easiest means of calibrating and bump testing a gas detector, but the error messages have often left all of us wondering exactly what to do next.

Not anymore.

The face-down design of the docking station
cradle more closely imitates a manual calibration,
resulting in even more consistent sensor accuracy.

DSX v7.6 has been released and includes several improvements to error messaging. The Docking Stations are “smart” and able to detect a wide variety of conditions, so we’ve done the work to allow the docks to do their jobs better. You will no longer see messages like “Unavailable Gas” or “Unavailable Instrument” but rather actionable messages that aim to give you the information you need to correct the condition. And when you can’t correct the condition, we’ll tell you. There are now a handful of messages that indicate error conditions that require intervention from Industrial Scientific. While we hope you never see one of those messages, we want to do everything we can to get things up and running quickly. Sometimes that means telling you to call us.

More importantly, we’ve empowered the DSX Docking Station to do more to correct problems without your help. For example, you’ll find that with DSX v7.6, the Docking Station is able to detect an oxygen sensor has failed a bump test because it needs to be zeroed. The dock will now automatically zero the sensor and then reattempt the bump test. You’ll spend less time trying to figure out what’s going on with your gas detector.

Below is a sampling of the error messages you’ll find starting in DSX v7.6. Additional information is available in the Release Notes. If you have any suggestions for other ways we can make DSX Docking Stations or any of our products easier to use, we’re listening.

Message in DSX v7.5 and earlier v7.6 and later
Unavailable Gas Bump Stopped (Check Pump Tubing)


Calibration Stopped (Check Pump Tubing)

Check Pump Tubing

Cylinder Expired (Part Number)

Replace Cylinder (Part Number)

Cylinder Low (Part Number)

Unavailable Contact ISC


Code 118

Unsupported Cylinder on Port 1 Connect Zero Air to Port 1
Calibration Failure (Check Cylinders) Check Cylinder Connections (Part Number)


In addition to improved messaging, the DSX has a new and improved design. The new design is available for DSX Standalone, DSXi Cloud-Connected, and DSX-L Local Server docking stations and takes advantage of a face-down instrument placement that eliminates the door, external tubing, and other small pieces.

These changes, along with recent firmware updates in DSX-L v9.7 and DSXi v7.6, make the DSX line of docking stations the simplest and most reliable way to maintain a fleet of gas detectors. Watch the training video above to learn more.