Case Study: Easy Calibration Gas with Auto Replenish Plus

Case Study: Easy Calibration Gas with Auto Replenish Plus

Industrial Scientific | Monday, January 22, 2018

A leading gas and electric company, with operations across the Midwestern United States, started with a small sample of Industrial Scientific products and quickly expanded. Today, with 150 gas detection instruments across 28 sites, and a “bump test once a day, calibrate once a month” policy, the customer goes through a fair amount of calibration gas

With the implementation of Industrial Scientific’s iNet® Exchange program, a subscription-based service for gas detectors covering repair and replacement, the customer automatically receives equipment as needed. iNet Exchange simplifies operations across all aspects of the gas detection program—gas detector availability, cost, and ownership—by delivering equipment on demand. The program covers parts, equipment, and shipping, and a replacement monitor is sent if an existing one fails. Bottom line: the customer has the equipment they need, when they need it. So what about cal gas?

The Challenge

Calibrating gas detectors monthly helps to
maintain sensor accuracy.

iNet Exchange, very much like the service you receive from your cellular phone provider, works on a contract basis. You sign up for the duration of a contract that includes a specific number of devices and predetermined terms, and you pay for them monthly. Now consider data usage for you and your family. If you have two or three teenagers on your plan (unless you are signed up for unlimited data) the data usage and, more likely, data overages, can become a bit of a logistical and costly pain. Similarly, in a gas detection program you may be using calibration gas on 150 gas detectors daily, keeping track of purchase orders and invoices, and allocating costs among 28 different sites, which can prove to be a REALLY BIG logistical pain. “We’re working to determine our annual cost distribution by plant, but currently find it very difficult,” stated the customer’s accounting department, “we attempted to gather the information, but it was unclear.”

The Solution: Auto Replenish Plus

Industrial Scientific’s Auto Replenish Plus program provides iNet® Exchange customers with the option to have the cost of calibration gas included in the monthly price of their iNet contract. The bill is comparable to switching to unlimited data with your phone service provider– simple and straightforward.

The three components needed when using Industrial Scientific calibration gas on the Auto Replenish Plus program are a demand flow regulator with a pressure switch, an iGas® reader, and the cylinder of gas. When connected to Industrial Scientific’s DSX™ Docking Station, the iNet program is alerted when a cylinder is low and needs to be replaced, and a new cylinder is automatically shipped.

To determine the monthly cost to be built into the contract, Industrial Scientific and the customer were able to pull data from iNet. One of the many benefits of using iNet is the automatic collection of data points. In referring back to the customers past usage of calibration gas, a pattern was determined and the appropriate cost was established and built into their contract.

The Result

“The Auto Replenish Plus program streamlined the billing process, simplified our calibration gas invoicing issues, and lowered our overall monthly bill by $2000,” indicated the customer. From the safety personnel’s perspective, the responsibility of keeping track of low or empty gas cylinders, and worrying about whether the right amount of gas is available as needed has been re-assigned to iNet. “We no longer have to worry about filling out calibration gas forms, or about how much gas we have left, it’s just there when we need it.”

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