4-Gas Monitor Rentals

Gas detector rental is the most efficient way to quickly obtain the four-gas detectors you need.  Request a quote & let us know the need for your rental and you can get them same-day or next day in most cases.  For your turnaround, outage, special project or repair replacement, a short-term rental can keep you up and running. 

Industrial Scientific can deliver the 4 gas detector rentals you need, when you need them.

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How to Rent Gas Monitors


Step 1

Request gas detector rental at the bottom of this page.  Tell us the multi-gas sensor configuration you need.


Step 2

Our closest location ships the gas detector rental equipment to meet your timeline.

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Step 3

Have your rented gas monitors that you need the same day or the next day.


You can rent gas monitors from our 25,000 pieces of equipment available for rent, and it’s easy to add more gas detectors to our fleet because we manufacture them in house.

High-Quality Gas Detectors

Factory-trained Industrial Scientific experts are in charge of servicing our rental equipment and gas monitors. You can rent gas monitors directly from the experts who make the equipment.

The Variety You Want

4-gas monitors that meet your business needs, from a simple single gas personal monitor to an 4 gas detector with wireless communication and our full accessory line.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I receive my gas detector rental?
In most cases, the gas detectors rental can be readied and delivered the very next day. This is ideal for shutdowns that may arise immediately. You don’t need to delay the job or sacrifice worker safety if rentals arrive to your facility as soon as you need them.
How long can I rent gas monitors?
You can’t always predict how long you’ll need spare gas detector rentals. Projects can last anywhere from a few days to months and your plans might change as the project progresses. For that, you need a flexible timeline to ensure that your workers are always protected. Our gas detector rental program is extremely flexible, with weekly and monthly rental options that you can extend as needed.
Can I rent gas monitors with connectivity and live monitoring?

Yes! You can (and should) take safety past the baseline, even when renting. The best way is through connected safety solutions. These solutions go beyond basic gas detection, using sensors and devices to monitor people and worksites in real time. Industrial Scientific’s connected solution uses live and historical data from gas detectors to increase worker safety, improve productivity, and drive operational improvements.

Connected safety gas monitors and live monitoring software available for rent are ideal for monitoring lone workers, remotely monitoring an area in real time, connecting teams – especially those working in confined spaces, and of course during shutdowns and turnarounds when there are more people on site to keep track of.  

Some connected safety solutions require extensive IT involvement during setup, which defeats the purpose of a quick solution to enhance safety through a gas detector rental. Look for a connected safety rental option that’s easy to set up and can connect to your existing infrastructure. Equipment that can connect using multiple platforms will make it easier to integrate into your existing network and can also provide a “fail safe” alternative in case one of the platforms loses signal.

As for support, renting connected technical equipment requires a high level of product knowledge. Rental suppliers need a strong background in gas detection to supply you with the best gas detector for the job. Before you rent, find out if the rental supplier has the technical knowledge needed to support you.

Beyond that, ask your rental supplier of they can ship personal gas detectors and area monitors that are pre-connected to each other, reducing your setup time.