• Ventis™ Pro Series Video Training Gas detection training for all levels of users

    Industrial Scientific’s Ventis Pro4 and Ventis Pro5 are industry-adaptable multi-gas detectors that set a new standard for size and ease of use. They combine flexibility with durability while providing simplified gas detection. In this video series, trainer Jason Fry will introduce you to the Ventis Pro Series while reviewing its major features and benefits.

    There are seven modules in this training series:

    Overview: In this module, we’ll introduce the Ventis Pro Series instruments – the Ventis Pro4 and Ventis Pro5. We’ll briefly talk about the key features of the instruments and how one Ventis Pro Series instrument may be able to do the work ordinarily done by two or more instruments.

    Operations: Ventis Pro Series instruments feature a simple, easy-to-read display that can be adapted based on your company’s needs. In this module, we will take a close look at the home screen and then explore the options that may be available using the instrument’s operation mode.

    Alarms: In this module, we’ll discuss the various ways a Ventis Pro Series instrument communicates the presence of hazardous gases. We’ll then discuss some of the other ways it can help keep your team safe through the use of man-down and panic alarms.

    Maintenance - Utilities : Maintenance utilities include bump testing, calibration, and zeroing. In this module, we’ll review how to perform these maintenance utilities and show you some of the work we’ve done to shorten dock-to-green time.

    Settings: In this module, we’ll look at some of the ways you can customize Ventis Pro Series instruments and configure them for use in your application.

    Accessories: Ventis Pro Series instruments belong to the Ventis family of instruments, so they share a lot of accessories with the Ventis MX4. In this module, we’ll take a detailed look at the accessories that simplify your gas detection work.

    Service: Ventis Pro Series instruments are easy to service. In this module, we’ll demonstrate how to replace a sensor, swap out the rechargeable Li-on battery, and replace external dust filters.

    Slim Extended Lithium Ion Battery: This Ventis battery provides a longer run time with a smaller profile. These training modules look at the advantages of the new battery, compare battery options, and provide an overview of how to install the battery.

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    TRAINING DISCLAIMER: These training videos and other training materials are intended to assist employers, workers, and others as they strive to improve workplace health and safety, by educating them on the practical use of Industrial Scientific® gas detection equipment. While we attempt to thoroughly address the specific topics, it is not possible to include discussion of everything in a presentation of this nature. Thus, this information must be understood as a tool to assist you in the operation of your Industrial Scientific® gas detection equipment. Finally, over time, Industrial Scientific Corporation may update the training materials and videos in light of new technology, information, or circumstances; to keep apprised of such developments, or to review a complete and up to date library of our training materials, you can visit our website at www.indsci.com or download our app.

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