If you’ve ever used gas detectors on the job, chances are you’ve scratched your head once or twice wondering why your monitor wouldn’t stop beeping, whether it really needed to be calibrated, or if you were supposed to evacuate every time you heard an alarm. Or maybe you feel confident in your gas detector expertise, but you want to know about the latest technology and techniques so you can improve the safety culture at your facility. The truth is, when it comes to gas detection, there is always something new to learn—it’s hard to keep up with it all. No matter your situation, we have a team of experts who can get you up to speed and take your knowledge of gas detectors to the next level.

Introducing The Monitor, a blog focused on gas detection education. Here, Industrial Scientific experts will discuss issues they see in the field and answer your questions through the “Ask the Experts” section. For questions that have a broad application, we may even feature the answer in a blog post. Every few days, we’ll cover topics ranging from new technology to best practices and industry trends—all in an effort to create a safer workforce.

The Monitor is just one more tool to help us eliminate death on the job by the year 2050. We encourage you ask questions and share the information with anyone who can benefit. Gas detection made easy is our motto.

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The Industrial Scientific Team

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