Many of us will soon be sending our kids off to the first day of school. We enter into that special time full of excitement and potential. We get everything together for our kids. Snappy new outfit? Check. Brand new school supplies? Check. Lunch packed? Check. They load the bus and off they go. We’ve done all we can to prepare them, right? Parenting isn’t THAT difficult, right?

Making sure that your child is actually learning once they get to school requires work. You need to make sure that they are doing the proper maintenance (homework, tests, etc.), behaving properly (not sleeping or acting out in class), all so that they can receive good grades on their report card.

When it comes to your gas detection “students” these same philosophies apply. You can’t simply buy shiny new gas monitors, send your employees off to work and expect that they will be safe just because they have the right equipment. Making sure they have the right tools is only the beginning, you also need to think about . . .

Acting up in class (unsafe behavior)

Skipping school (not even using the monitor)

Not doing their homework (skipping bump tests)

Report cards (never calibrating)

Industrial Scientific recognizes that safety managers have many gas detection “students” to manage. We also know that your employees deserve to be “A” students so that they can come home safely each day. They cannot afford to have an “F” student on the team, because that poses safety risks for everyone. However, we also know that gas detection programs aren’t easy to manage, and so we have created solutions meant to help your program run more smoothly.

DSXi Docking Station – Helps you manage the “GPA” of your gas detection program by giving you access to an online “report card” in iNet Control that can be accessed anywhere. Know when bump tests have been skipped, instruments have not been calibrated, and even when monitors have been shut off during alarm.

LENS Wireless – Helps to ensure your “students” are working safety in connected groups. If one worker encounters a dangerous situation such as a high gas alarm, any of his peers nearby will instantly be notified so they can report to a muster point or call for help.

iNet Now – Live monitoring software that helps you to see whether your “students” made it safely to school and that things go smoothly while they are there. If a worker encounters a gas, panic, or man-down condition, you will receive a text notification with a link to a live map of where the worker and his instrument is located allowing you to send help in real time.

With all of these new tools available to ensure your gas detection “students” are safe and productive, there’s no reason why anyone should be landing in the principal’s office from now on.

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