When it Comes to Workplace Safety, Who’s Got Your Back?

With the technology available today, you’ve probably thought, who is watching me? Let’s get real for a moment. Someone is monitoring some aspect of someone’s life, somewhere. The question is, for what purpose? Now that I have your attention, let’s shift gears and talk about the positive use for this technology. Preserving human life. A gas monitor that can alert you of hazardous conditions while recording user and site data... Read More

The Unseen Hazards of Wastewater Treatment Plants

The Unseen Hazards of Wastewater Treatment Plants You see them and drive past them all the time. Every community has one. Chances are that a close neighbor, one of your best friends, or even a member of your family may work in one. When low pressure sets in, and the wind blows in the right direction, the stench is horrific. But the smell is only a hint to the abundant hazards that you might encounter when working at a wastewater treatment plant. The potential for slips,... Read More

Area Monitors for Confined Space Entries – Part II

If you’ve ever worked around a confined space, you’ve probably seen or heard about an incident involving missed alarms. Perhaps the attendant set the gas monitor on the ground and stepped away to sign paperwork or respond to a radio call. Because of noise from nearby machinery, the attendant completely failed to notice that the gas monitor went into alarm, and he could not see it because it was on the ground. Powerful alarms... Read More

Using Area Monitors for Confined Space Entries – Part I

Using Area Monitors for Confined Space Entries – Part I You’ve probably heard confined space horror stories a million times. The person working inside the confined space is performing routine maintenance and becomes unresponsive. The attendant responsible for monitoring the work goes into the confined space to check on the other worker and is overcome by deadly gas. It’s a tragic story of trying to help a co-worker based on gut reaction rather than proper safety protocols.... Read More

New Confined Spaces in Construction Standard – FAQs

New Confined Spaces in Construction Standard – FAQs By now you’ve probably heard about the about the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) addition to 29 CFR 1926 Subpart AA that updates the rules for confined spaces in the construction industry. On May 4, 2015 OSHA announced the new rules which took effect on August 3, 2015. Since that time, the questions about atmospheric monitoring have been pouring in, but we’re here to help! Below are some of the most... Read More

NFPA Confined Space Committee

I have spent the past two days in Philadelphia , PA working with the newly established NFPA Confined Space Safe Work-practices Committee.   What a rewarding two days!  Twenty-one people from around the country collaborating on best practices and procedures towards the goal of ending confined space related deaths in the workplace. The deliverable of this team will be a recommended best practice document for safely entering... Read More