Lisa Mork Davis


Lisa Mork Davis is the Director of Advanced Safety Solutions at Industrial Scientific. She joined Industrial Scientific in December 2015 and has been working in the field of gas detection since 1995. She has worked in several functional areas including product management and sales and marketing, focusing primarily on specialty gas detection solutions and new technology. She holds a BA in Chemistry from Arizona State University and a Graduate Diploma in Environmental Studies from Adelaide University (Australia).

Why Choose LENS Wireless over Wi-Fi?

LENS Wireless can provide several advantages over Wi-Fi. We’ve come to expect that Wi-Fi is everywhere nowadays including at work, in neighborhood coffee shops, malls, sporting venues, and even at your grocery store. The flexibility to be connected on your mobile or smart device means that you can have access to your data any time, nearly anywhere. But the downside of those public networks is that they are unsecured, meaning... Read More