John Onuska


John Onuska joined Industrial Scientific Corporation in 2011. As a Training Specialist his duties include hosting Gas Detection Made Easy classes both in house and regionally across North America. He also delivers computer based training materials produced in the department and other training materials used in GDME. John is a volunteer firefighter, certified as Firefighter 1 both in the State of Pennsylvania and nationally. Along with being certified in Hazardous Materials Operations, he is a Vehicle Rescue Technician. John has a degree in Computer Forensics and Network Security from Pittsburgh Technical Institute.

Emergency Response to Real-Time Gas Alerts

Emergency Response to Real-Time Gas Alerts Tom is out walking on his daily check of the company pipeline. It is a beautiful day, with a clear blue sky, low humidity, and a nice breeze. As Tom walks along, he notices a patch of dead grass in the middle of the right of way. It’s near the end of his assigned area for the day, so he decides to check it out, interested to know why the grass is dead there and bright green everywhere else. As Tom gets close, his gas meter... Read More