Gregg Bako


Gregg Bako is an Applications Engineer at Industrial Scientific. He joined the company in 2008 and works with end users, distributors, and sales team members to ensure that the gas detection solutions employed meet all customer requirements and are configured in the most efficient manner. Gregg is a Certified New Product Development Professional and earned his BS in Chemical Engineering at Case Western Reserve University.

Are All Carbon Monoxide Sensors the Same?

Are All Carbon Monoxide Sensors the Same? The short answer is – no, all carbon monoxide (CO) sensors are not the same. CO sensors are found in gas monitors used by workers conducting their jobs in environments where toxic CO gas might be present. With CO being a result of incomplete combustion, it can be found in the majority of industries and poses a big threat to workers today. While most CO sensors are based on the same electro-chemistry, there are many different... Read More