iNet InSite - The Safest Way to Manage Gas Detectors That You Own

    iNet InSite Logo 150x33   The safest way to manage gas detectors that you own.

    iNet InSite is a docking station solution for portable gas detectors that provides the critical functionality and information needed to keep people safe.

    iNet InSite broadens the availability of iNet, Industrial Scientific's unique  Gas Detection as a Service  solution. This new solution is designed for end users who own their gas detectors and have the means of servicing and maintaining them, but are challenged with gaining the necessary visibility into their overall gas detection program.

    A fixed monthly subscription to iNet InSite includes unlimited user access to  iNet Control , as well as the  iNet DS docking stations  provided by Industrial Scientific at no additional cost. Be safer with the ultimate docking station solution.

    InSite Infrastructure
    iNet DS
    The iNet DS docking station simplifies the use of docking stations

    Using the iNet DS docking station, iNet InSite eliminates the need for onsite server and software installation, as well as manual upgrades and tedious maintenance tasks. The docking station connects directly to the Internet via an Ethernet interface, and can be used offline, providing mobile functionality to on-the-go workers.

    • Plug-and-play installation
    • Gas detector fleet manageability using  iNet Control
    • Automatic calibration, bump testing and recordkeeping
    • Mobile operation for on-the-go users
    • Automatic instrument firmware upgrades

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    iNet Controll

    Keeps You Informed ... Puts You In Control
    iNet Main Menu

    With iNet InSite, users can configure and manage their gas detection fleet via  iNet Contro l, a web-based application accessible from any PC Web browser. Users can:

    • Schedule calibrations, bump tests, instrument firmware upgrades and other automatic events
    • Set up alarm thresholds and other custom settings
    • View trends, performance metrics and custom reports to gain practical insight into their gas detection program
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