GasBadge® Plus Operations and Maintenance Training Online  (Online course)

The GasBadge® Plus Online course is designed to familiarize users with the features, functions, operation, and maintenance of the GasBadge® Plus single gas monitor and its accessories.  There are 9 modules in this course each of which is delivered online and self paced for the ultimate in convenience.  Each module is professionally narrated by an Industrial Scientific Trainer and features embedded video clips for operational clarity.

In these series of training modules the student will be exposed to the features and benefits of the GasBadge® Plus and how the unit functions.  Best practices in use and operation are covered in-depth along with the 3 steps of operation.  The importance of bump testing and calibration is then reviewed with the help of detailed video tutorials.  Why event logging is important and how to go about harvesting data is covered in the next module.  Customizing your GasBadge® Plus so that is suits your specific needs is also explained in great detail.  Keeping your GasBadge® Plus in top working condition is the focus of the maintenance module.  Docking Stations™ and their function along with the iNet™ system are reviewed so that students can gain a greater appreciation for the automated systems offered by Industrial Scientific.  Finally, the Cal Plus automated calibration and bump test station is detailed in the final module.  These modules are ideal for all people associated with selling, purchasing, operating, and maintaining the GasBadge® Plus.  They deliver practical knowledge about the instrument in a convenient format.