• Face-to-Face Training T3 - Train the Trainer

    The T3 course is just that, a course designed to train those who need to train others on gas monitoring issues. This is an in-depth course designed to equip the trainer with the tools such as familiarization with gas hazards, gas monitoring, and terms & technology. Practical instrumentation knowledge is also passed along in the form of instrument operation, sampling techniques, calibration, and maintenance. At the conclusion of the course, the attendee will be given a topic and will gain practical experience through role playing with a small group of peers. The Train-the-Trainer Course is usually an appendage to an existing course but with the T3 course, customization is also available. This course is a must for all those responsible for educating others on gas detection issues. Learning is accomplished in a low pressure, comforting environment that provides the student the tools and confidence to transition from pupil to teacher.

    Notre centre de formation est enregistré en préfecture sous le numéro 31 62 02689 62. Contactez votre service RH et votre OPCA pour les possibilités de prise en charge


    Course Highlights

    • Gas hazard awareness
    • Terms and technology
    • Proper sampling techniques
    • The 4 steps of operation
    • Calibration and maintenance of portable gas monitoring instruments


    Course Cost

    $998.00 per person
    719.00€ per person
    £614.00 per person

    ( Includes all training materials) For regional classes, lunches are not furnished.


    Very Informative, knowledgeable instructor very respectful and positive reinforcement.
    -Cynthia Beach, MCFRS
    Awesome training (Again!) Each time I return for more training moe knowledge is gained to share with my fellow employees, ISC will always remain #1 with the City of Corona, CA. Great Job!
    - Greg Vigneav, City of Corona


    Available as a custom course anywhere in North America

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