• Face-to-face Training Class Portable Instrument Technician Level Training

    The Portable Instrument Technician Level Training course is designed for the individual responsible for the maintenance of portable gas monitors. This course reviews sensor technology and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each. From there we explore the specifics on all aspects of gas monitor maintenance from operation to set-up, calibration, disassembly, troubleshooting, and repair. Pupils will receive hands-on instruction in these areas as well as participate in the diagnosis and remedy of malfunctioning instruments. This course is a tremendous value for Instrumentation Technicians from all disciplines and upon completion, an immediate return on investment is realized through an increase in efficiency and prowess. Additionally, this is a competency certification course so the student will leave the class with a certificate.

    Notre centre de formation est enregistré en préfecture sous le numéro 31 62 02689 62. Contactez votre service RH et votre OPCA pour les possibilités de prise en charge

    1.0 CM points from BCRSP  

    2.67 CM points from ABIH  


    Course Highlights

    • Sensor and battery technology review
    • Instrument operations training
    • Options set-up procedures
    • Calibration and bump testing operations
    • Disassembly, troubleshooting and remedy hands-on training
    • Competency Test
    • Qualifies for 2.67 CM points from ABIH
    • Qualifies for 1.0 CM points from BCRSP
    • Qualifies for 2.67 CM points from ABIH
    • Qualifies for 1.0 CM points from BCRSP

    Course Cost

    $998 per person
    719€ per person
    £602 per person

    ( Includes all training materials) For regional classes, lunch will be provided.


    Was a great class, maybe the best I've taken. Completely hands on and it's the best way to learn. I'd recommend it for anyone in charge of gas detectors.
    James Moore, Ideal Gases, Southgate, MI
    I learned a lot from your Trainer about the internal workings and programming methods that I can take back with me. The emphasis on troubleshooting and repair was excellent. I also got a first-hand look at the new products that are coming into production.
    - John Gemmill, King County WTD
    Excellent hands on training, learned all I need to know to service our units and save the company money on repair bills, I would recommend the course to anyone using ISC equipment.
    - Terry Robinson, Yuraa
    Very informative, loved the hands on, learned a lot that I didn't know. I feel more capable in calibrating and knowing the inside components of the instruments.
    - Bryan D Hughes, OCI Chemical
    I have attended a lot of training sessions dealing with a lot of subjects, this is the best training I've received in a very long time.
    - Jack J. Volsey II, OCI Chemical
    The content and hands-on training was very informative with respect of my job, your Trainer has a very good ability to break down the information for all of us to understand. Very professional and competent on what he knows. Thanks, you have put fuel in my tank. I wish I could have had this class 10 years ago.
    - Steve Radmall, Utah American Energy

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