• Face to Face Training Class iNet Control Training

    The iNet Control Training Class is designed for iNet Customers who want to better utilize the information provided in their iNet Control Dashboard. This course is a live Instructor led class that is delivered over the web. Students will learn what the iNet Dashboard is and how to harvest data that will help them elevate their level of safety and better manage their gas detection program. We will review the Performance Index and discuss ways to positively impact this metric. Also examined are Usage and Settings, Alarm events, and Equipment reports. Finally we will describe how to customize your iNet Dashboard so that it provides the information that is of the highest value to your organization. This course is ideal for those iNet Customers who are responsible for Safety, Industrial Hygiene, and gas detection program management.

    iNet Control Classes are offered for Customers who are currently using the DS2 and iNet DS. Care should be taken when selecting a class to ensure you are enrolled in the class that is applicable to your type of Docking Station. While many of the Dashboard features are the shared, there are differences in the view and capability of the iNet Dashboard for a DS2 and an iNet DS.


    Course Highlights

    • Logging onto iNet Control
    • Landing Screen
    • Health review, Performance Index, Trend, and Action Required
    • Usage and Setting Review
    • Alarm Events
    • Fleet Information
    • Set up options
    • Administration

    Course Cost in US Dollars

    $179.00 per person
    135.00€ per person 


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