• Face-to-Face Training Gas Detection for the First Responder

    The Gas Detection for the First Responder Class is taught by firefighters and designed to educate firefighters on the hazards of gases in their profession. The theory of gas detection is reviewed with special attention paid to the fire tetrahedron and what it means in practicality. Also we will review situations where toxic gases are prevalent and how to take the necessary action to protect your fellow firefighters and the public at large. Finally, the silent killer carbon monoxide is broken down in great detail. This is the number one concern in the fire industry. This course is ideal for all people associated with the Fire Service. It delivers practical knowledge about firefighting from firefighters.

    Notre centre de formation est enregistré en préfecture sous le numéro 31 62 02689 62. Contactez votre service RH et votre OPCA pour les possibilités de prise en charge


    Course Highlights

    • Introduction to gases
    • Review of the fire triangle
    • Industrial toxic gas hazard awareness
    • In-depth carbon monoxide education
    • Taught by first responders for first responders


    Course Cost in US Dollars

    $201.00 per person

    ( Includes all training materials) For regional classes, lunches are not furnished.



    Very good comprehensive and understandable for all participants. Held my interest. Well rounded presentation.
    -Douglas R. Ede, Kingston Fire and Rescue
    This Seminar is excellent for a one day presentation. I was able to identify the essential hazards and detection devices our fire department needs to address.
    -John Tait, Bancroft Fire Department


    Available as a custom course anywhere in North America

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