• Face-to-Face Training Distributor Basic Training

    The Distributor Basic Training is a course designed to provide an introduction into the world of gas monitoring. This program will educate distributors on why gas monitoring in the workplace is necessary and what hazards exist. We will also explore the different technologies available to ensure your customers have the right tool for the job. You will learn real world "best practices" in sampling and the all important "4 steps of gas monitor operation." Finally, you will get the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the portable gas monitoring products offered by Industrial Scientific. This course is a must for people new to the gas monitoring safety field and a recommended prerequisite to the Distributor Portable Sales Training Class.

    Notre centre de formation est enregistré en préfecture sous le numéro 31 62 02689 62. Contactez votre service RH et votre OPCA pour les possibilités de prise en charge


    Course Highlights

    • Gas hazards
    • Sensor technology
    • Sampling techniques
    • Four steps of operation

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