iNet NowGas detection training for all levels of users.

iNet® Now enables real-time monitoring of worker location, environment, and status. If a worker encounters a gas hazard, becomes immobilized, or activates the panic alarm, text and email alerts, including a map of the area, are sent to designated contacts. By using iNet Now, workers can have peace of mind that potentially dangerous conditions or situations will be escalated to someone able to take action.

  • View a live map to pinpoint workers’ location and view their status, eliminating the cost and time it takes to complete manual check-in processes.
  • Use automated alerts to know the instant a hazardous condition occurs then quickly deploy the appropriate resources with a detailed understanding of the situation.
  • Connect small teams together while watching over them remotely. LENS™ Wireless connects Ventis® Pro Series personal monitors and Radius® BZ1 Area Monitors and can share gas readings and alarms locally. iNet Now also allows data from the entire team to be accessible from any internet-connected device. Know what’s happening across several job sites while working in a command center, office, or on the road.

This is a complete training module with multiple videos. To access all videos in the playlist, please click on the menu icon in the upper left hand corner of the module.