How It Works: Getting your instrument serviced…

The process for returning instruments to Industrial Scientific for repair is quite simple. Follow the steps outlined below for fast, high quality service.

Packaging & Preparation:

  • Properly package your instrument(s) into an appropriate shipping box. Please do not include items such as gas cylinders, chargers, cases, accessories or pumps unless they are in need of repair.

  • Complete and print out the return form and place it into the package along with your instrument(s)
  • Ship the package to our Repair Center (address found on repair form)

Lithium Battery Notice


Industrial Scientific currently utilizes two different types of lithium batteries in our instruments:

Lithium Ion, Rechargeable: MX6, MX4, M40, and ITX
Lithium Metal, Non-Rechargeable: Gasbadge Plus and Gasbadge Pro.

Both of these batteries are listed as Non-Hazardous, Not Restricted, as defined by US Department of Transportation guidelines; DOT 172.102 SP 188 (DOT for Ground Shipments) and International Air Transportation Association, IATA – Section II of 5.9 (IATA for Air shipments). When shipping these batteries or instruments containing these batteries, you must label your shipments according to the ship instructions set forth by both the DOT and IATA. The following links for the DOT and IATA will provide you with the proper labeling guidelines for shipments with lithium batteries.
DOT labeling guidelines
IATA labeling guidelines 

Delivery & Diagnostics:

  • Upon receipt of your package we will have the unit entered and placed into our thorough diagnostics stage.
  • Pre-approved orders will be immediately put through our repair and final test stages.
  • Non pre-approved orders will have to be approved by you before we can proceed with repairs, final test, and shipping.

Repair & Return:

  • Upon approval, your instrument is moved into our repair stage where the unit will receive any updates and repairs needed as noted on the estimate.
  • Next, the unit will obtain a certificate of calibration through our final test stage.
  • Unit will be fully charged and then shipped back to you.
  • As the gas detection people, you can feel confident in the fact that we have serviced and certified your unit(s) to the highest standards of quality.