• Our People Meet Our People

  • Bob Stewart

    “At ISC, I have the chance to be an unsung hero helping to save someone’s life.”

    Bob Stewart - With ISC since 1986
    Chris Lange

    "What drives me to get up and go to work each and every day is knowing that I play a role in sending our customers home safely to their families every night."

    Chris - with ISC since 1993
    Corinne D.

    "'Best Customer Service' means always answering my customers (who can be colleagues, Industrial Scientific's partners or customers). Even if I'm just telling them that I do not have the answer right now, I always want to do my best to find solutions to their requests, as quickly as possible."

    Corinne D. - With ISC since 2008
    Kim Wagner

    “Most companies are far from an Employees First philosophy. ISC actually demonstrates it every day.”

    Kim - With ISC since 2007
    Mikel Kettler

    “To provide ‘Best Customer Service,’ you might have to put in extra hours, do more paperwork, make unpopular decisions, or ruffle a few feathers.”

    Mikel - With ISC since 1996
    Nancy Boyd

    "There are lives that depend on the precision and dependability of the products I help to build. Each product represents a safeguard against unforeseen dangers for our customers. I take that responsibility very personally."

    Nancy - With ISC since 1989
    Ray Berg

    "At ISC, I actually have the opportunity to make a difference. Maybe in some indirect way, I am saving lives."

    Ray - With ISC since 1997
    Rosemary Nuhfer-Barry

    “From the very first interview, I immediately felt ‘at home’ and knew that ISC was the place I wanted to be.”

    Rose - With ISC since 2006