• ISC Worker 2 header - Our Vision


    Humble, hungry and smart.
    Seek truth; speak truth.
    Serving others is our greatest joy.

    Our Way is a set of core values that guide our decisions and interactions. It represents the high standards that we hold for ourselves. And, it tells customers and partners what they can expect from every interaction.

    This is how our people deliver the highest quality, best customer service … every transaction, every time.

    Be humble. >>

    • Recognize others’ talents.
    • Understate your achievements and give recognition to others.
    • Listen! Seek to understand before trying to be understood.
    • Respect other cultures and individuals.
    • Take responsibility.
    • Accept correction and don’t be afraid to admit errors.

    Be hungry. >>

    • Have an agenda!
    • Work with a sense of urgency.
    • Align your actions to goals.
    • Be prepared … be disciplined … be resourceful.
    • Expect results from those you work with. Hold others to high standards. Don’t accept poor work.
    • Expect to win.
    • Work hard.
    • Exceed expectations.
    • Seek continuous improvement.
    • Ask tough questions.

    Be smart. >>

    • Find solutions to challenging problems.
    • Be creative, curious and alert.
    • Do the basics well.
    • Seek opportunities to learn.
    • Use resources effectively and efficiently.
    • Anticipate the future state.
    • Ask questions.
    • Analyze.
    • Sweat the details.

    Seek truth. >>  

    • Question assumptions.
    • Don’t jump to conclusions.
    • Communicate … communicate … communicate!
      • Face-to-face is better than voice-to-voice. Voice to voice is better than e-mail. Buy a plane ticket. Pick up the phone. You’ll learn something new – guaranteed.

      Speak truth. >>

      • Bring and use meaningful data.
      • Don’t be afraid to deliver the hard message.
      • It’s OK, even good, to disagree. It’s not good to be disagreeable.

      Serving others is our greatest joy. >>

      • Seek opportunities to serve.
      • Answer the phone on the first ring.
      • Clean your inbox daily. Keep your message box clear. Value speed in transactions with others.
      • Go the extra mile.
      • Recognize others who serve you well and comment on it.
      • Leave things better than you found them.