• ISC Compact

    Our Employees First Philosophy

    We believe that good financial performance is the result of doing the right things for employees first, customers second and shareholders third.

    Where it Began

    Employees First was inspired by labor negotiations at National Mine Service Company in the 1970s and early 1980s. Industrial Scientific's founders participated in these talks as managers at our then-parent company. They were frustrated by an atmosphere bogged down by bureaucracy and power struggles. The lack of respect between labor and management only fueled their frustration.

    Creating a Different Kind of Company

    Our founders envisioned a company where all employees would be liberated to solve problems. They created a safe environment where people would speak up without fear of ridicule from peers or backlash from supervisors. In doing so, they unleashed teamwork, commitment and creativity. They encouraged the free exchange of ideas; knowing that when an idea is challenged, it only gets better.

    Putting Employees First

    These concepts were strengthened by putting the needs of employees ahead of shareholders and even customers. We believe that great people working with great tools in a supportive environment can't help but deliver better products and services. They can't help but do their best work for our customers.

    • Great people

      We recruit top performers and invest heavily in their development. We seek high achievers who are a close match with our values.
    • Great tools

      Best-in-class hardware and software, efficient systems, access to essential resources. We can't ask for top performance if we don't consistently provide great tools.
    • Supportive environment

      Our leaders understand the critical elements of breakthrough performance: bringing out the best in people; creating a climate of trust, openness and high performance; fostering candor and initiative; and treating people fairly and with dignity.

    A Fair Exchange
    Industrial Scientific expects high performance in return. The Employees First concept is summarized in a document that every employee signs. It's called "The Compact" – an agreement between the employee and Company. It spells out in plain terms what each does for the other. Every employee signs it and is given a glass-encased copy. Most keep it within arm's reach.

    What does it say? Industrial Scientific provides the environment, leadership and support that allow our people to exceed their career expectations. In return, they give the Company their full engagement, their best ideas, and as much motivation and customer focus as they can possibly bring. Every day.

    "The Compact" is our roadmap for delivering on the Employees First philosophy.