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  • Ventis Pro Wireless Operations -  WebinarThursday March 14, 2019  -  11:00am EST – 12:00pm EST

    In this webinar we will discuss the settings options used to support LENS Wireless, iNet Now Live Monitoring, as well as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Near-field Communication (NFC) technologies.  Using the RGX Gateway or the iNet Now Sync app, your Ventis Pro can be connected and provide real-time monitoring of non-gas alarms like Panic or Man-down and traditional gas alarms from the gas detector.

    Topics Include

    • Ventis Pro Setting
    • Ventis Pro Operations
    • Communications technology discussion
    • RGX operation and cell phone app
    • iNet Now live monitoring w/Ventis Pro using cell phone and RGX



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  • What Participants are Saying

    "Was a great class, maybe the best I've taken. Completely hands on and it's the best way to learn. I'd recommend it for anyone in charge of gas detectors."

    -James M.